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Plastic Surgery – Breast Reconstruction

Following a mastectomy or other breast-related injury or trauma, you may want nothing more than a return to normal. Breast reconstruction can help restore your breasts to their near normal shape, size and appearance through customized cosmetic surgery to suit your individual needs.

If you are still contemplating a mastectomy, you may want to consider breast reconstruction at the same time, although many women prefer to have the reconstruction at a later date. Likewise, some women in Miami choose to have a breast lift, reduction or augmentation performed as well, particularly if only one breast is being reconstructed, since this can create greater symmetry. As with any cosmetic service, all depends on your personal goals and interests.

The best in breast reconstruction

Since breast reconstruction is such a personal and individual decision, it only makes sense that you want the very best. With a unique combination of surgical experience, customer care and attention to detail, Dr. Salama offers women in Miami conscientious cosmetic care and the best in breast reconstruction.

The benefits of breast reconstruction include balance among the breasts as well as feeling more back to normal and a boost in confidence.

Consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon

Breast reconstruction can be a significant milestone in your life, so it makes sense to discuss your feelings and thoughts with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has a wealth of experience performing breast reconstruction. At Elite Plastic Surgery, Dr. Salama can meet with you to discuss:

  • Your expectations for breast reconstruction
  • The breast reconstruction surgical process
  • Previous medical history as well as use of current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  • Pre-surgery prep and post-surgery recovery plans
  • The options available for breast reconstruction surgery
  • Any other cosmetic services you are interested in

Based on your individual circumstances, a variety of surgical techniques may be recommended. You can discuss the best options for you and your body with Dr. Salama.

Beautiful breasts for life

A breast reconstruction can help women manage the physical and emotional issues related to a mastectomy. While breast reconstruction does involve some scarring and loss of sensation in the breasts, most women report an improved quality of life and feelings of wholeness following the reconstruction procedure.

Breast reconstruction can help create beautiful breasts for life, boosting your silhouette, your confidence and your appreciation of your beautiful body.

With elite, expert care in Miami, Elite Plastic Surgery provides the best in cosmetic services.

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