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Chin & Cheek Augmentation Miami

Your chin and your cheeks provided well-rounded volume and shape to the face. Women and men in Miami looking to restore lost volume in these areas are turning to chin and cheek augmentation, two cosmetic surgical procedures that are often performed together to give the face more definition and shape.

Chin augmentation is also known as mentoplasty and involves a chin implant placed over the natural chin to give it more prominence (another option is to bring the jawbone more forward). In addition, many chin surgeries are performed in conjunction with nose surgeries to give the face better overall balance and proportion.

Cheek augmentation or malar augmentation, then, is a cosmetic procedure where an implant is placed over the cheekbone to create more volume and emphasis. If you have always wanted higher cheekbones, cheek augmentation can help. Some Miami clients also have a filler injected into the cheeks to promote fullness.

Three cheers for chins and cheeks

The chin and the cheeks create balance and harmony in the face for an overall beautiful look. At Elite Plastic Surgery, Dr. Salama can help you find the best look and the best balance for your face, creating a natural and youthful facial appearance.

When it comes to cheek and chin augmentations, it is important to discuss your goals and wish list to ensure your long-lasting happiness with the results.

Consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon

Before you schedule a chin or cheek augmentation, you should first consult with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has a wealth of experience performing these two procedures. Anyone in Miami interested in this procedure can meet with Dr. Salama to discuss:

  • The specifics of both the chin augmentation and cheek augmentation surgeries
  • Why you want the augmentation, your expectations and desired outcome for your chin, cheeks and/or face
  • Previous medical history as well as use of current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  • Pre-surgery prep and post-surgery recovery plans
  • Concerns, questions, costs, benefits and more
  • Any other cosmetic services you are interested in

Full cheeks and a defined chin are part of any beautiful face. Whether you have lost some volume in the face over time or have never loved your chin, these two services can give you that gorgeous glow inside and out.

With elite, expert care in Miami, Elite Plastic Surgery provides the best in plastic and cosmetic surgery services.

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