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Juvederm® Miami

Convenient, simple and effective – JUVEDERM is an injectable cosmetic filler that can take years off of your face without the time involved in a cosmetic surgery. JUVEDERM is a great solution for active women and men in Miami looking to maintain a youthful appearance with the treatment of moderate to deep wrinkles and folds in the face (including lines that extend from the nose to the corners of the mouth).

JUVEDERM is a popular filler that is made up of hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar found in living cells that bolsters skin elasticity, providing a smooth, supple appearance. JUVEDERM can also be used for facial sculpting, and it can help restore volume to the face.

Likewise, JUVEDERM is biocompatible, which means that it is completely non-allergenic and that it simply supplements the body’s natural hyaluronic acid, which depletes over the course of time. After six months to one year, the filler is naturally absorbed into the body.

Rejuvenate with JUVEDERM

During a JUVEDERM treatment at Elite Plastic Surgery, Dr. Salama injects the transparent JUVEDERM gel into the areas of focus on the face; due to the deeper placement, this treatment will last longer than many facial rejuvenation services. The filler simply lifts and adds volume to the wrinkles and folds in the treatment area. JUVEDERM hydrates the skin by holding in water, giving your face a beautiful, healthy glow from the inside out.

The non-invasive JUVEDERM injection process only takes about 15 minutes, allowing Miami women and men to return to their daily activities immediately.

JUVEDERM can rejuvenate your face in minutes, giving you long-lasting beauty and confidence. Talk to the experts at Elite Plastic Surgery today about the best services for you and your needs. Dr. Salama offers a wealth of experience with fillers and injectables for a beautiful and natural look.

With elite, expert care in Miami, Elite Plastic Surgery provides the best in cosmetic services.

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