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Surgeon Certification

Cosmetic surgery is an increasingly popular option in a world where we are constantly judged and critiqued for our appearance. For many people, a realigning of their appearance closer to their ideals can provide a boost to their self-confidence. For others, reducing the signs of aging can keep them looking as young as they feel. No matter what the reason for choosing cosmetic surgery may be, one of the most important factors for ensuring the best results is choosing a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon.

Choosing a doctor that is right for you is a vital first step in which there are a number of considerations to make. One of the first things to pay attention to is whether or not the doctor is board-certified. Board certification is governed by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and its sub-boards. This is the board that overlooks the certifications of physicians in all specialties. One of its sub-boards is The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), and your plastic surgeon should always be ABPS-certified.

Board-certified doctors have completed the following:

  • At least five years of residency in which two to three years are plastic-surgery-specific
  • Rigorous written and oral examinations

Plastic Surgeon Standards

Any physician can call him or herself a plastic or cosmetic surgeon without training, but board-certification requires peer review and holds practitioners to a specific set of standards.

You can determine if a doctor is board-certified by checking the ABMS website at or calling the ABMS at 1-866-ASK-ABMS.

Hospital Privileges

Another important point to consider when choosing your doctor is whether they perform their procedures in a “private setting” or a hospital. Many patients may prefer a private setting such as the doctor’s private facility, because it offers a more comfortable setting where your personal needs can be more easily met.

However, it is important to determine if the doctor you’re choosing has privileges to perform in a hospital, because this tells you that the doctor has performed surgeries under peer review and has met operating-room standards. You can contact the hospital medical staff to determine if the doctor of your choosing has the credentials to operate there.

You can verify Dr. Salama’s hospital credentials by contacting the following facilities:

Aventura Hospital and Medical Center
20900 Biscayne Boulevard
Aventura, FL 33180


Mount Sinai Medical Center
4100 Alton Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139