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Dr. Stern Reviews


And…just a quick note to tell you how happy my husband + I are with the results of my surgery! The sexual intimacy we share together has been exponentially elevated thanks to the rejuvenation procedure. I want to tell everyone…well, almost everyone!

Thanks xoooooooooo much!

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Patrizia B.

Dr Stern: How wonderful is to have people like you changing the world…
healing human beings bodies & souls…

Thank You,

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~Patrizia B.


Dr Stern, Just a hello and THANK YOU! I’m so happy! Not only does my husband want to bow down to you…but so do I! We enjoy each other so much more than we ever did before! After having children I did not think it was possible to restore what I had before…especially something even better. I’ve never been so happy and comfortable with myself.

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Dr B.S., Doing great, feeling very energetic. It’s been over 4 weeks. So happy that I had it done. I have you to thank for my new-found self esteem. So sorry I waited so long. Thanks again.

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Dr Stern, I also wanted to mention that the services you offer to women is not just another cosmetic surgery that attempts to resist the process of aging, it is a procedure that boosts the women’s self worth from the inside, after all, she doesn’t walk around showing off the end results!

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Dr Stern, Thank you for the “you know what!” XOXO.


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Dr Stern and staff, The procedure was less traumatic than expected. Thanks for everyone’s professionalism. You’re all a great team!

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Hi Dr. Stern!!!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to Thank You for being such a wonderful doctor and for all the awesome work you did on me. I can’t thank you enough. You are the best and I am so thankful for you and your staff! Everyone made me feel very comfortable and the things you did for me are going to be life changing in so many ways.

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I really would like to take you out for dinner the next time I am in Florida! You did so much for me and I truly am thankful. Wow! That’s how I describe you. You are the best!


Dr Stern,

Thank you for your wonderful expertise! I am so happy w/my results! Your staff was professional & sweet. They really made me feel more comfortable. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I trusted you. I healed so quickly and well. I went off all pain meds by the first day after surgery! GOD Bless!


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Hey Dr. Stern:

How are you? It’s L— B—. My labiaplasty is absolutely AMAZING!! Results came out BEAUTIFUL, you are a magician. I love it, love it, love it!!!!


Dear Dr. Stern,

I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying the lovely south Florida sunshine.

I am sorry that it as taken me so long to write to you. I had intended as soon as I left Florida to keep you updated you on my progress, and let you know that my operation was a success as soon as I knew.

Part of me felt that perhaps I should just be glad that I had met you, had the operation, I had hope again and that I was already on the road to recovery. Even immediately after the operation I already felt that my anatomy was intact again.

In late October (just four months after my operation) I for the first time in six years was able to have sex without excruciating pain, discomfort & embarrassment and tears.

I am still easing back into a sex life, the trauma did not just disappear overnight but for the first time in years I feel like woman again.

From the first moment I spoke to you on the telephone I knew you were going to help me. Up to that point no one had truly listened to me. Even on my examination when you told me that you knew there was also a hole inside me just by pressing on my thigh (something I had tried to explain for years to other doctors) I knew I could trust you as you were giving me a diagnosis which is more than I ever had. You were like an Angel to me, even the hug you gave me telling me that everything was going to be ok, that you were going to help me. Nobody had ever really cared about me up until that point.

Finally I would like to send all my love and best wishes you and your family. I hope that you continue to do the brilliant work that you do and continue to help women in need from all corners of the world.

Yours Sincerely,

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~R. M


Dr. Stern,

My wife Karen forwarded me your email. I should have emailed you sooner. Karen had her vaginoplasty in February and we waited the several weeks before having sex. Wow ! What a difference.

We just happened to be surfing thru tv channels one night and caught the very end of a program that talked about this procedure. I started researching it on the net and when we decided to do it we wanted to find an extremely qualified, skilled and experienced surgeon. I looked quite extensively before I came across you. If more people knew about you and what you do – you wouldn’t have enough time in the day to fill the demand.

It has made a tremendous difference.

Thanks for all you’ve done,

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Thank you so much Dr. Stern for your amazing work! It was life-changing.

Thanks again,

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Dr. Stern,

Remember me? No drugs for the labiaplasty. Flew home two hours later. Ended up being one-day prego on your table. By the way, I love my new look.

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Good evening Dr. Stern,

I just wanted to let U know how thankful I am 4 the “clipping of my wings.” …Beautiful job and feeling great! I love my new “lips!” Have a wonderful trip.


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(Dr.) Michael

Bernard Stern, MD,

They’re great artistic outcomes. You do good work! I will include at least 2-3 sets in the book and a couple in our article.


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~(Dr.) Michael


Dear Dr. Stern,

I first of all want to thank you very much for the surgery. I’m happy because no matter what, I know you make one of my dreams come true, and I know I went 2 the best doctor in the world! G-d bless you for having such nice hands and heart…

Thank you Dr Stern. Love you very much!

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Dear Dr. Stern,

While doing research on my condition, I followed a link to your website. I’m so impressed with your work and so happy for the women whose lives you’ve improved! On behalf of women I’ll never know, thank you for improving their lives!

Best wishes for your continued success,

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…but having such FEELING down there when NOTHING is even IN there! WOW. Incredible, what you have returned to me is truly priceless, and my gratitude is boundless! Great job, Doc, you are my hero and loved second only to my fantastic husband! I AM a 40 year old virgin!

Dr Bernie, I commend you on your choice of staff and offices. The atmosphere and staff at both offices were great – I was surprised at how welcome and comfortable I felt in spite of the fact that I’m probably not your typical type of patient!

Thank you thank you thank you for your part in my sexual re(dis)covery!