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Radiesse® Miami

The options and choices in cosmetic fillers continue to grow, evolve and advance. Among the latest and greatest advances is RADIESSE, a revolutionary cosmetic filler made up of something called calcium hydroxylapatite that is injected in gel form to decrease wrinkles and folds and also to fill in scars.

RADIESSE actually stimulates your own body to produce collagen, something that decreases with age and leads to decreased volume, laxity in the face and wrinkles. It is a non-toxic, non-allergenic biocompatible filler with results that can last up to a year or even more. RADIESSE can be used to treat smile lines, marionette lines, pre-jowl issues and more.

Radiant with RADIESSE

Women and men in Miami continue to turn in greater and greater numbers to RADIESSE for its natural and impressive results. At Elite Plastic Surgery, Dr. Salama regularly uses RADIESSE as part of a full suite of effective facial rejuvenation services.

RADIESSE’s many benefits for Miami clients also include soft tissue augmentation around the cheeks, jowls and temples as well as its usage in hand rejuvenation. Over time, the gel is absorbed, which in turn stimulates the growth of your own collagen – one of the reasons RADIESSE is so popular is that it produces long-lasting results that are also soft and natural in look and feel.

RADIESSE is not recommended for high movement areas such as around the lips.

With immediate results, RADIESSE can truly give you something to smile about as you return to your regular daily activities with no downtime.

With elite, expert care in Miami, Elite Plastic Surgery provides the best in cosmetic services.

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