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Nasal Valve Collapse Rhinoplasty – Miami Recovery

After getting corrective nasal valve collapse rhinoplasty, you’ll need to make sure to closely follow your plastic surgeon’s post-operative care instructions. The nose is a complex, delicate structure, and while it’s healing, it will be even more delicate. Do your best to not blow your nose for about two weeks following the nasal valve collapse rhinoplasty procedure. The area will[…]

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Nasal Valve Collapse – Rhinoplasty Miami

Rhinoplasty can be used to fix all sorts of nasal issues, both cosmetic and functional. Obstructed breathing, a functional issue, often stems from external nasal valve collapse. What are the external nasal valves, and where are they located? An external nasal valve is found slightly inside each of your nostrils. It’s a space defined by three of the nasal structures[…]

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Dorsal Hump – Rhinoplasty Miami Nose Job

People come into plastic surgery practices every day for rhinoplasty surgery to fix issues like a crooked nose, an inverted-V malformation, and a dorsal hump. If your nose has an embarrassing hump, rhinoplasty is a popular option that could be perfect for you. When planning a dorsal hump rhinoplasty with your plastic surgeon, you’ll need to decide the extent of[…]

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Alar Base Reduction – Miami Rhinoplasty Nose Job

If a person’s nose has a wide alar base (the nostril area), an alar base reduction is a viable solution. This type of rhinoplasty surgery can make the nose look narrower. During an alar base reduction consultation, a plastic surgeon will examine the area to determine the exact reason for the wide nose. Typically, either the nostril sills or the[…]

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