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Chin Surgery corrects the following issues:

  • Recessed or receding chin
  • Weak jaw line
  • Drooped neckline
  • Facial imbalance or asymmetry
  • Malformation of the lower part of the face
  • Lost volume to due aging on the lower part of the face
  • Chin surgery may be performed in combination with other facial surgeries


To improve a receding or weak chin and facial balance, Chin Augmentation surgery requires the placement of an implant in the front of the chin to make the chin stand out more prominently. Jaw implants are another option that help restore balance and symmetry to the face by adjusting the angles leading to the chin. They can create a stronger jawline or provide a more understated contour, and can also remedy a drooping neckline by tightening and raising the neck skin with the volume they add.

Both chin and jaw implants help to reduce flaws in the structure of the chin, and are made of two common materials: smooth silicone and porous polyethylene. Made of smooth, firm rubber, silicone implants give the chin or jaw a normal feel. With time, surrounding tissue grows around the implant to keep it in place. Polyethylene implants are made up of small, microscopic tunnels, which allow the surrounding blood vessels and soft tissue to grow into the implant holding it in place. The implants come in various shapes and sizes to custom fit the unique needs of each patient.

Conversely to correct an overly pronounced or jutting chin, Chin Reduction improves facial balance by reshaping the chin and/or mandible through the gentle shaving down of the bone.

The overall goal of Chin Surgery is to provide balance to your facial features giving your chin the most suitable projection and height. The proportions of the lower, mid, and upper face are taken in to consideration to create the optimum balance.

During your Chin Surgery consultation with Dr. Salama, he will discuss expectations with you and provide pre-op and post-op instructions to ready you for your surgery journey. Prior to surgery, you are required to quit smoking for at least a month and avoid any over-the-counter and prescription drugs as instructed by Dr. Salama for at least two weeks.

Chin Surgery is an outpatient procedure that usually takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours depending on how complicated the surgery is. It can be performed under general or local anesthesia.

For Chin and Jaw Augmentation, the incisions are hidden as they are placed inside of the mouth in the lower gum of the lip. Dissolvable stitches are used to close the incisions. For Chin or Jaw Reduction the bone is shaved down with the incision placed underneath the chin so it’s minimally visible. Concluding surgery, you will be dressed with a fitted facial support garment or strap to reduce movement and help control swelling.

Chin surgery can be combined with other facial procedures including cheek augmentation, blepharoplasty or an upper lip lift.

Let Dr. Salama bring the perfect balance to your face with a customized plan. Together, you and Dr. Salama will determine the appropriate treatment to help you look your best and build your self-esteem.

chin augmentation


Every surgery involves risk and Chin Surgery is no different. While complications may be unusual, you may experience bruising, altered sensation around the lower part of the face, infection, major bleeding and hematoma.

Bruising can last weeks to resolve and diminished sensation should return to normal in 6 to 12 weeks. Infections will be treated with antibiotics and hematomas may require drainage.

It is imperative you choose an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon to help minimize risks and provide maximum results.


Chin Surgery recovery is fairly quick, typically a week. After surgery, you will need to wear your facial garment consecutively for a week and then as much as possible for the following 2-3 weeks. Facial movements like smiling or talking may be difficult immediately following surgery.

Your mouth and jaw may be sore for up to 3 days, and you may experience moderate pain and/or discomfort for 3 to 5 days for which Dr. Salama can prescribe pain medication. You should follow a soft diet of yogurt, bananas, smoothies, and such for 7 days and use a mouth rinse that’s antibacterial after each meal to help facilitate your recovery. Generally, patients can return to work after two days of surgery. After a week, you can return to your normal daily activities, with the exception of strenuous exercise or sports which need to be avoided for 6 weeks.

Your incisions should heal well in 5 to 7 days, and sutures should dissolve within 1 to 2 weeks. Swelling is to be expected for 2-3 weeks.

Final results are evident between 6 to 12 weeks. While final results are permanent, the natural process of aging and gravity are bound to impact your results over the years.

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Generally, Chin Surgery is not covered by health insurance. The cost of Chin Surgery ranges from $3,000 – $4,000. This price range includes the cost of treatment, surgeon’s fee, hospital fee, and anesthesiologist fee. In addition, Dr. Salama provides several convenient financing options with low monthly payments to help you achieve your goal. For more information or to schedule your consult with Dr. Salama, contact our friendly staff today.

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