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>>Maria Gridley

Team Elite

Maria Gridley

Influencer @agapelovegirl

Maria Gridley aka AgapeLoveGirl is a youtube and instagram content creator with a love for makeup and affordable style. She strives to inspire others through her makeup tutorials, and outfit styling photos and videos, encouraging others that you don’t have to be a PRO or spend a lot of money to achieve a beautiful look and feel your absolute best.

While her main focus is Makeup with a sprinkling of style, Maria has also been open about her battle with weight and not allowing it to define herself, her beauty or her happiness. Through her weight loss journey, which originally started back in 2012 at 240 pounds, she managed to lose and maintain a weight loss of roughly 80 pounds. Currently, she is focusing on weight lifting and muscle building to better her health and body.

Additionally, Maria is a 35 year old mother to 3 beautiful children and is happily married to her husband, Bruce, going on 15 years.