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Meet Dr. Bernard Stern

Dr. Bernard Stern is a cosmetic surgeon in Miami, Florida and world famous female cosmetic genital surgery specialist. Dr. Stern offers the following procedures:

  • Vaginoplasty
  • Stem-Iris Labia Sculpting (Labiaplasty)
  • Combination Vaginaoplasty & Labiaplasty
  • Hymenoplasty
  • G-Spot Enhancement

Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery

When picking a cosmetic surgeon you need to look at least 3 things. You don’t want the cheapest, easiest, or the closest. In fact, you want quite the opposite. It’s your body and you get only one chance at getting this surgery done right. Don’t look for bargains when it comes to your body! Look at the Doctors’ credentials. You can visit to look up Dr. Stern. Most importantly, look at a lot of examples of his or her work. If you don’t find dozens of pictures, ask the doctor or nurse how many vaginal cosmetic surgeries he or she has done in the last year. Based on his incredible work, Dr. Stern has been asked to teach, lecture, and train other physicians all over the world.

Dr. Stern performs 4 – 5 cases a day on women from all over the world. Because so many of his patients are from out of state, our office is very skilled at assisting you with consultation, travel, and surgery plans.

Most women fly in the day before surgery by 2 pm. For your safety, if you have not had medical clearance from your private MD, we will have arranged clearance for you when you arrive. Dr. Stern will then do a history and physical, draw labs, review consents and forms, call in medications, and shoot the first set of digital photos. You and Dr. Stern will immediately view the photos on a monitor to custom design exactly what you would like to look like. The next morning is surgery. Computer generated digital before and proposed “cuts” are posted on screens in the Operating Room. In addition, prior to anesthesia, Dr. Stern marks your labia and/or vagina along proposed lines of dissection, and you and Dr. Stern go over the desired results again. Following surgery, you will go back to your accommodations. Dr. Stern will see you the next morning before you fly out. For either procedure alone, you can usually return to work after 3 – 4 days. If you have both procedures performed at the same time, it is recommended you take at least 6 – 7 days off work. A 6-week post op visit is encouraged, however since 90 % of Dr. Stern’s patients are from out of state, a digital photo and follow up phone call is the norm. No Tampax, g-strings, or sex for at least 4 – 6 weeks. Complete healing is typically 13 weeks (3 months).


  • Stem Iris Labial Sculpturing (Labiaplasty); costs $5,000-$5,500
  • Labiaplasty + Perineoplasty; costs $6,500-$7,500
  • Stem-bard Vaginoplasty & Rejuvenation; costs $6,000-$6,500
  • Combination Labiaplasty / Vaginoplasty; costs $10,500
  • Hymenoplasty; costs $4,000

Credentials & Training

  • Licensed in Florida, Michigan, & Virginia
  • Certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology as an expert in Female Genital Surgery
  • Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Consumers’ Research Council of America, “Top Obstetricians & Gynecologists” in Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery
  • Former Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Miami School of Medicine
  • Member Florida State, Broward County Medical Associations, Medical Society of Virginia
  • Previous Active Teaching Staff, Southeastern University College of Osteopathy
  • Certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support by the American Heart Association
  • Previous Chief of Gynecology, South Shore Medical Center, Miami Beach, Florida
  • Board of Directors & Prior Chief of Obstetrics/Gynecology, Av-Med Health Plan
  • Director of Quality Assurance, Utilization Review, OPS, N. Miami General Hospital

In the Media

The following Newspapers, Television, Radio, & Magazines have featured Dr. Stern.

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  • Michael Baisden Show, Nationally Syndicated, 50 station listening audience “Live”, in June and November 2006 “primetime”, Labiaplasty & Vaginoplasty.
  • Dr Stern was featured in the prime time documentary “Drastic Plastics,” which aired to critical acclaim on Yorkshire Television in England (UK) January 2004.
  • Dr Stern was featured prime time on ABC Action News, “Like a Virgin” Nov.6, 2006 View
  • Dr Stern was featured prime time En Telemundo TV, “Vagina Plastico Cirugia” February 8, 2007.
  • Dr Stern is featured in Taryn Simon’s most recent book, a series of photographs, An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar on view at the Whitney Museum of American Art, traveling to the Museum für Modern Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany.
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