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Zola Francis

Entrepreneur & Plastic Surgery Influencer
Procedure: Brazilian Butt Lift

Zola Francis, creator of Conceited Essentials on Instagram and influencer among the plastic surgery community, underwent round 2 Brazilian Butt Lift surgery with Dr. Salama on Monday, June 25, 2018. She had her 1st BBL done elsewhere along with abdominal etching, but gained some weight since the procedures. She wanted to fix her BBL and reduce her abdominal fat so she came to Dr. Salama. While a tummy tuck was recommended for best abdominal results, Zola opted not to have one done and instead only had the 360 liposuction for her BBL. She is extremely happy with her results and her mommy tummy.

Zola Francis gets a BBL by Dr. Salama



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