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benefits high definition vaserlipo etching

Benefits of High-Definition VASERLipo Etching

Want a more sculpted, defined and athletic appearance? Maybe you’re looking to achieve six-pack abs or a toned chest or arms. High-Definition VASERlipo Etching may be the answer you’re looking for. High-Def VASERlipo Etching is a breakthrough technique that offers a more pronounced and dramatic outcome than with traditional liposuction. In virtually any region, High-Def VASERlipo can be used to “etch”[…]

j-plasma skin tightening benefits

J-Plasma Benefits

You can’t stop the process of aging and the affects it has on our skin. Skin becomes lax and saggy as cells lose their integrity due to gravity. Add to that, the damages inflicted by sun exposure, genetics, pollutants, diet and more, and the process is accelerated. But don’t lose hope! Thanks to the wonderful advances in plastic surgery, you[…]

5 Benefits of a Mommy Makeover

As a woman, being a mother is a special gift. Your body is able to carry a child for months and breathe life to it. However, the beautiful miracle of childbirth can take a toll on a woman’s mental and physical state. As such, many women find themselves wanting to rebuild their image. It’s their turn for a little TLC.[…]

9 benefits of breast augmentation

9 Benefits of Breast Augmentation

For many women, breast augmentation is an easy and obvious decision. They’ve seen the results, either in pictures on a plastic surgeon’s gallery or in person on a family member or friend, and have come to the conclusion that breast implants is just what they need. Like for most who have undergone plastic surgery, results are a key factor in[…]

Plastic Surgery Recovery Checklist

Plastic Surgery Recovery Checklist

Your plastic surgery date is nearing and you want to be prepared for a successful post-op recovery. Apart from ensuring you have someone to care for you for at least the first few days following your surgical procedure, a proper recovery requires an appropriately stocked recovery space. Remember, everyday tasks can be challenging for someone who’s undergone surgery. Making things[…]

breast augmentation surgery recovery tips

Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

Beautiful breasts can be an incredible boost in confidence, the epitome of femininity. Here at Elite Plastic Surgery, Dr. Moises Salama specializes in breast augmentation enhancing the size and shape of your breasts to meet your plastic surgery goals. We understand how the “perfect breasts” can be life-altering and want you to feel confident and comfortable with your body. Once[…]

Tips for BBL recovery

BBL Recovery Tips

At Elite Plastic Surgery, we want to set you up for success. We know how important final results are to you. That’s why we are on your BBL journey with you every step of the way, providing you with detailed pre and post op instructions to ensure you have a smooth recovery and optimal results. Because the more you prepare[…]

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Everyone wants to have a perfect booty. So, you’ve done your due diligence, have chosen the perfect plastic surgeon for you and you’re ready to go get that Brazilian Butt Lift. While the idea of a perfect booty differs from patient to patient, the key is not only choosing the right plastic surgeon, but also experiencing a great recovery. For[…]

Top 5 benefits of a mommy makeover

5 Benefits of a Mommy Makeover

Is it time for a major change? Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your breasts and abdomen? Well, a Mommy Makeover offers a great solution by combining multiple surgeries in one go. I perform this surgery on a regular basis at my practice with stellar results. It is amazing to see the overnight change and the happiness my patients[…]

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