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Plastic Surgery – Breast Reduction

Miami women who have breasts that are too large can experience both physical and emotional discomfort – very large breasts can make everything from walking to buying clothes to daily activities uncomfortable and painful.

Large breasts can cause back pain, neck aches, breathing difficulties, skin problems, poor posture and even numbness in the body. That’s why breast reduction remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for women interested in taking control of their bodies and moving with greater ease and comfort.

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The art of breast reduction

An expert in breast reduction surgery, Dr. Salama can artfully sculpt and reduce overall breast size, removing any excess fat, skin and tissue to create smaller, firmer breasts. You can select your new breast size to ensure you are both happy and comfortable with the results. The specialized approach at Elite Plastic Surgery ensures breast reduction helps women achieve a shape they will love.

The benefits of breast reduction include:

  • Fewer back aches, neck aches, breathing issues or skin issues related to large breasts
  • Improved posture
  • Boost in confidence and esteem

Consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon

If your breasts are very large and cause you physical, mental or emotional difficulties, contact Elite Plastic Surgery to talk with Dr. Salama, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, about your best options for breast reduction cosmetic surgery. Due to the physical issues of large breasts, this surgery is sometimes covered by insurance.

During your consultation, you can learn more about:

  • Breast reduction surgery and preparation for the procedure
  • Benefits, side effects, recovery and more
  • The ideal candidates for breast reduction surgery
  • Anything else you are interested in

Breast reduction options

During the breast reduction procedure, incisions are made around the areola. Dr. Salama can then reposition the nipples, reduce breast size and remove excess or sagging skin on and around the breasts. Some women in Miami who elect this procedure also choose to schedule a breast lift (also known as mastopexy) at the same time.

Following breast reduction, women report relief in physical pain as well as a boost in self-confidence due to their smaller, more proportional breasts. Finding clothes that fit right as well as sports and exercise are much easier, not to mention the reduction in back and neck pain and other related issues.

While breast reduction reduces the size of the breasts, it can actually increase self-confidence and vitality for Miami women.

With elite, expert care in Miami, Elite Plastic Surgery provides the best in cosmetic services.

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