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Pre-Surgical Care

Undergoing cosmetic surgery can be an exciting prospect, full of potential for changes that bring you closer to your aesthetic ideals. One of the most important ways to ensure that you have to best results possible is with thorough preparation for your recovery.

On the day prior to surgery, our office will contact you to discuss final items of importance regarding your upcoming procedure. We request that you avoid wearing jewelry, body piercings, or contacts. Loose, comfortable clothing that you do not need to pull over your head is advised. Bring hair ties or scrunchies to tie up long hair.

Post-Surgical Preparation

Any sort of surgical procedure can be taxing on the body, so it is important to simplify your life during the recovery period. Thinking ahead, you can prepare your home by purchasing groceries and other household supplies in order to limit trips out of the house. In general, it’s best to avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting during recovery, because this sort of movement can place stress on incision sites and complicate healing. Cooking is also an activity that you should avoid, so prepping your home with pre-cooked meals or frozen dinners will ease your recovery.

Sleeping Suggestions

Specifically for procedures like breast augmentation, sleeping in an elevated position for the first few days is important to reduce swelling. The rule of thumb is to keep the area of incision elevated. Also, make sure you sleep in a position that does not apply any pressure on the incision area, e.g., breast augmentation recovery will require you to sleep on your back for the first few days. Thus is the opposite with Brazilian Butt lift procedure, where you are required to sleep on your abdomen and sides. Recliners are ideal and are available for rental at

Pain Medication

Pain medication is available to help you feel comfortable during your recovery. Depending on your reaction to pain medication, you will generally be unable to operate a vehicle for four to five days while medicated.


It is mandatory to have a friend or family member around to watch and care for you during the first three nights after your surgery. This person will assist you by bringing you fluids, preparing food, and most importantly checking for complications. If you have children, arrange for an additional caretaker for at least the first 24 to 48 hours. You may always arrange for a nurse or tech to assist and care for you, which can be arranged by calling (305) 933-4033. Ask for Nomie.