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Brazilian Butt Lift SurgeryBBL by Dr. Salama at Elite Plastic Surgery Miami

Fat transfer to buttocks, the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is conducted under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure at Elite Plastic Surgery. For the BBL, fat is harvested from other areas of the body like the abdomen, flanks, back, chin, upper arms, etc. and is purified so that only the highest quality fat cells are used for injection to the buttocks. The fat transfer is made through very small incisions into the buttocks. The harvested fat cells are placed in between muscle layers and close to a blood supply where they have a greater chance of survival instead of being absorbed by the body. The fat restores the shape and volume of the buttocks and tightens the skin, all while providing a more youthful appearance and contour. Fat transfer can also improve the texture of the skin since fat contains stem cells that help create new tissue and collagen. The buttock lift may take anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours, depending on various factors such as the amount of fat that needs to be removed and the desired shape and size of the buttocks. To watch how Dr. Salama performs BBL surgery and other plastic surgery procedures, visit his YouTube channel for videos. You can also take a look at our #Salamafied influencers who have undergone BBL surgery, such as Karlee Steel and Maria Estella.

BBL vs. Butt ImplantsBenefits of the Brazilian Butt Lift

More often, patients choose Brazilian Butt Lift surgery instead of gluteal implants for buttock enhancement because of the natural look and feel it provides. Plus, there are many additional benefits including the reduced chances of rejection and risks of complications from suture ruptures, implant exposure and infection, minimal scarring and discomfort, and the improved body contour in the areas where the fat was harvested via liposuction. Not to mention the intangible benefits the Brazilian Butt Lift provides, like increased self-confidence.

BBL Surgery RisksWhy Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon is Important

While being a safer butt augmentation option, there are still risks to consider with the Brazilian Butt Lift. Some of the risks associated with BBL surgery include discomfort, infection, asymmetry hematoma, and excessive blood loss, which is why the selecting your plastic surgeon is of the utmost importance. Your plastic surgeon should be board-certified with a high level of experience, artistry and technical skill. Dr. Moises Salama is revered for his technique having performed more than 5,000 Brazilian Butt Lifts and popularizing the procedure.

BBL CandidatesAre you a good candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

While the Brazilian Butt Lift is popular among people of every age and body type, it does require being in good health, having realistic expectations about the procedure and having spare pounds for the fat transfer to the buttocks in order to attain quality, long lasting results. Thinner patients may be asked to gain weight for the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. A BBL may be appropriate for those with an asymmetrical buttocks, flat buttocks, small buttocks, disproportionate buttocks, sagging buttocks or whose buttocks shape has been impacted by dramatic weight loss.

Patient Reviews

“"I knew I made the perfect choice after two years of research. Dr. Salama & his staff truly made me feel welcome. I traveled from atlanta to have my BBL done I’m satisfied. I would recommend him to anyone considering having surgery."”
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Preparing for a Brazilian Butt Lift

You can help optimize your BBL results and enjoy a more pleasant experience from start to finish by getting ready for your Brazilian Butt Lift procedure in advance. In order to heal well, proper preparation is key. There are several steps that can be taken to properly prepare for BBL surgery. We will discuss the following recommendations and any other applicable instructions with you during your initial consultation and encourage you to ask any questions during this meeting. The better informed you are, the more likely you will have a smooth, stress-free operation and an excellent outcome. Please note:

What to Expect After BBL Surgery

After the Brazilian Buttock Lift surgery, patients need to wear a special compression garment, which is meant to support the buttocks tissue, compress areas that have undergone liposuction and facilitate healing. Patients also need to refrain from putting too much weight on their buttocks for several weeks. Sitting should be done on something cushioned or padded and is not recommended for prolonged periods of time, for at least two full weeks, to prevent the fat from being absorbed or displaced. Patients should also refrain from sleeping on their backs to avoid pressure on the buttocks. This is done to help protect the newly placed fatty tissue and ensure its survival. Fat cells that are compressed or crushed can be reabsorbed by the body before they become permanently attached to their new location. This can affect your outcome in several unpredictable ways, including reducing buttock volume or modifying the shape of your buttocks. As a reminder, this period of restricted sitting is brief, about six weeks. We will provide suggestions to make the healing process as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Patients should be sufficiently healed to return to work after three weeks of surgery, unless work involves demanding physical labor, and should fully recover from bruising, swelling, soreness and pain after about two months. Workout routines can be resumed after two months; and with sufficient time, patients should be able to partake in intense physical activity.

In general, it usually takes a month to begin to feel normal and six months to see the final results.

How long do BBL results last?Maintaining Your Brazilian Butt Lift

The fat transfer from a successful Brazilian Butt Lift surgery will remain in your buttocks for the rest of your life. It will age with you just like the rest of your body tissue, which dictates the importance of a healthy lifestyle including exercise to help maintain the shape and size of the buttocks. As long as you maintain your weight, chances are good that your results will continue for many years without the need for retreatment.

What does the BBL cost?Elite Plastic Surgery All-Inclusive BBL Package

The BBL cost is all-inclusive at Elite Plastic Surgery. Our Brazilian Butt Lift includes 360 lipo, which is lipo of the upper and lower abdomen, flanks, and upper and lower back. It also includes the surgical fee, anesthesia fee, facility fee, 2 custom compression garments, 2 post-operative massages, post-operative abdominal board, and post-operative lipo foam. Typically, we have a special promotion that reduces the cost of our BBL Miami significantly. Contact our patient coordinators for a proper quote and be sure to ask about our current special.

Frequently asked questions about the Brazilian Butt Lift

We understand you may have many questions about the Brazilian Butt Lift, and we’re here to help answer them. Please reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable medical team to learn more or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Salama.