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5 Benefits of Liposuction

October 27, 2021

5 benefits of lipo

It’s no surprise that Liposuction has quickly become one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery for residents of the United States and especially the local Miami, FL area. A fairly simple procedure from surgery to recovery, Liposuction provides several benefits for patients. I have performed over thousands of 360 Lipo surgeries in my 10+ years of experience as a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon.

The Top 5 Benefits Liposuction has to Offer

  1. Safe Removal of Fat

    Since Liposuction is such a safe procedure, this makes it one of the top reasons why it’s so popular. Liposuction is usually done as an outpatient procedure. During surgery, a cannula is used to break up and suction fat through small incisions in the treatment area. After two days of recuperation, patients are typically back on their feet.

  2. Removes Stubborn Fat

    Another great benefit Liposuction offers is that it effectively removes stubborn fat that, no matter how much you work out or how healthy you eat, does not respond to diet or exercise. You know, those problem areas like the love handles, back rolls, stomach pooch, etc. that physically active and healthy eaters still struggle with.

  3. Fat Cells Are Permanently Removed

    Yes, you read that right. Liposuction permanently removes the fat cells that have been suctioned out of the treated area. This means, once removed, those fat cells will not grow back. However, you can still gain fat in the other areas of your body where you have not undergone Lipo. This is why, I recommend my patients maintain their weight after Liposuction for optimal results.

  4. Improves Your Health

    By removing unwanted fat deposits, Liposuction not only brings you closer to your ideal weight, but also to your ideal Body Mass Index (BMI). And, maintaining a healthy weight and BMI improves your overall health.

  5. Increases Your Self- Esteem

    Your physical appearance is the first thing you and other people see. No doubt about it, Liposuction can improve your appearance with its power to contour the body. This can have an incredibly positive impact for your self-esteem by making you feel more confident in and out of clothes. A more attractive appearance can also change the way others view you having a positive effect on how people perceive you as well.

Elite Plastic Surgery encourages you to reach out to learn how you can benefit from a Liposuction procedure and to find out if you’re a good candidate for Lipo. Dr. Salama will also answer all your questions during your consultation. Schedule a consult with us today.

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