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Dorsal Hump – Rhinoplasty Miami Nose Job

December 13, 2013

People come into plastic surgery practices every day for rhinoplasty surgery to fix issues like a crooked nose, an inverted-V malformation, and a dorsal hump. If your nose has an embarrassing hump, rhinoplasty is a popular option that could be perfect for you.

When planning a dorsal hump rhinoplasty with your plastic surgeon, you’ll need to decide the extent of correction you’d like to have. You can have the hump removed, leaving a straight bridge. Another option is having the hump reduced but not completely removed, leaving a smaller hump that has its own aesthetic value.

No matter your choice for dorsal hump correction, the key decision to make is this: which plastic surgeon is right for you? Dr. Moises Salama is a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience performing rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Salama’s high success rate speaks for itself, so set up a consultation today by contacting our office.

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