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Mini Tummy Tuck Recovery Process – Stomach Miami

July 17, 2015

A mini tummy tuck is a great way to give your stomach a new, fit, trim look. If you’re interested, it will be helpful to learn about the mini tummy tuck recovery process.

The recovery process for a mini tummy tuck surgery is typically a shorter, easier, and more comfortable one than the full tummy tuck recovery process. This is because not as much change is made to the tissues in the abdominal region. The incision, which is shorter than the full tummy tuck’s, heals sooner as well.

Once you have a full understanding of the mini tummy tuck recovery process, it will be simple to follow your plastic surgeon’s post-operative care instructions for a speedy recovery. Arrange a consultation at our office to learn more – contact us to get started. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Moises Salama has the experience needed to answer your questions.

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