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Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

February 3, 2022

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Everyone wants to have a perfect booty. So, you’ve done your due diligence, have chosen the perfect plastic surgeon for you and you’re ready to go get that Brazilian Butt Lift. While the idea of a perfect booty differs from patient to patient, the key is not only choosing the right plastic surgeon, but also experiencing a great recovery. For optimal BBL results, patients need to make their Brazilian Butt Lift recovery a top priority, which is why it’s so important for patients to familiarize themselves with the various stages of healing after a BBL and the typical recovery timeline. This way, you can be best prepared for your recovery.

Here’s a brief guideline of what you can expect following your surgery during the BBL healing stages. This timeline may change depending on the patient’s healing progression.

Immediately After Surgery

  • You will need to have someone care for you for a few days either a friend or family member or a care professional
  • Expect to wear a compression garment at all times to reduce swelling, avoid fluid retention and retract the skin
  • You will need to use a BBL pillow to avoid pressure on your buttocks
  • You will need to adhere to a massage and treatment regimen provided by your surgeon

At 2 Weeks

  • You may return to work
  • The front foam piece will be replaced with an abdominal board, still wearing the side and back foams for 6-8 weeks
  • Prior to your massages or treatments, you should use an electric heating pad on liposuction areas for 10 minutes per area using a towel underneath the heating pad

At 4 Weeks

  • You may begin doing light exercise
  • You may resume sexual activity
  • If your garment is becoming loose, you can purchase a smaller size or have a seamstress take in your current one.

At 6 Weeks

  • You may begin regular exercise after 6 weeks including swimming and going to the beach, but covering up your scars
  • You may begin sitting regularly without support on soft surfaces
  • You may start laying on your back

At 8 Weeks

  • You may start wearing a waist trainer instead of a full garment, with a t-shirt and board, but no foam (if you feel you still need more compression in other areas, you may wear it on top of your full garment using only the board, no foam)

At 12 Weeks

  • You may stop wearing compression garments, but for optimal results we recommend wearing a garment or waist trainer during the day or while you sleep for another 3 months

In addition, at about 2 months you should feel completely normal and see final results around 6 months.

Keep in mind, everyone heals at their own pace. However, following your plastic surgeon’s instructions will ensure you have the best recovery experience possible, along with optimal results.

If you’re considering BBL surgery and would like to learn more on the BBL recovery, contact our office to speak with one of our friendly patient coordinators.

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