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scar prevention and care

Prevention and Care for Surgical Scars

There are so many aspects you have to consider when undergoing plastic surgery such as: selecting the proper surgeon, getting medical clearance from your doctor/s, preparing for surgery, arranging for […]

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mommy makeover procedure

What is a Mommy Makeover?

What is a mommy makeover? I get this question quite often. After childbirth, many mothers are unhappy with the changes their bodies experience. Moms often suffer from saggy breasts, excess […]

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plastic surgery post surgical care

Taking Care After Plastic Surgery

A patient’s health and safety are top priority when it comes to plastic surgery. After having surgery, the recovery period is a critical stage of the plastic surgery journey. This […]

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Skinny BBL

Are you too Skinny for a BBL?

Everyone wants to have the perfect booty and thin patients are no exception. The general consensus among thin women who are interested in buttock augmentation is that they’re too skinny […]

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J-Plasma at Elite Plastic Surgery

Tightening Loose Skin With J-Plasma

Do you suffer from loose skin or has you skin lost its’ buoyancy? Well, now there’s a revolutionary new procedure that may ideal for you! Renuvion® with J-Plasma® helps tighten […]

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