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Plastic Surgery Recovery Checklist

April 29, 2022

Plastic Surgery Recovery Checklist Your plastic surgery date is nearing and you want to be prepared for a successful post-op recovery. Apart from ensuring you have someone to care for you for at least the first few days following your surgical procedure, a proper recovery requires an appropriately stocked recovery space. Remember, everyday tasks can be challenging for someone who’s undergone surgery. Making things a little easier for yourself by preplanning can make a significant difference. You’ll want to maximize comfort in each room so you can perform your daily tasks with as little effort as possible by minimizing movement and not having to lift, reach or strain for items.

To help you with your plastic surgery Miami journey, here’s a checklist of things that you can do prior to your surgery to keep you comfortable while you recuperate.

  • Clean your home and clear it of any obstacles so you and your caregiver can move around freely when necessary
  • Pick out or purchase enough comfortable clothing for at least a few weeks
  • Wash all your linens ahead of time as you may be using more than you normally would
  • Place the extra linens near the area of use
  • Have extra pillows on hand for your bed and other sitting/sleeping areas so that you can elevate yourself
  • Keep a waist high table next to your bed and couch where you can easily reach for things
  • Make sure your rest areas are equipped with all your entertainment devices: TV, laptop, phone, Kindle, etc.
  • Have chargers for all your preferred electronics plugged in and ready for use
  • Buy plenty of tissues and baby wipes for hygiene maintenance when showering is prohibited
  • Purchase healthy meals that can be easily reheated so you don’t have to cook
  • Stock up on pre-cut fruits, vegetables, yogurt and other healthy snacks and plenty of water
  • Use disposable dinnerware and straws to minimize having to wash dishes
  • Organize a tracking system for your medications

Following these prep tips will help make your recovery go more smoothly. Be sure to read our other recovery blog posts for more recommendations.

If you’re interested in learning more about what to expect after surgery or want information regarding a particular procedure, contact our friendly staff.

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