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Abdominoplasty Surgery – Incisions Miami

May 30, 2014

To remove the excess skin that comes along with major weight loss, along with any leftover stubborn fat pockets and drooping internal muscle tissue, plastic surgeons offer abdominoplasty surgery.

Part of abdominoplasty surgery is closing the incision after the plastic surgeon has removed the targeted tissues. An incision for a full tummy tuck stretches from one hipbone to the other in the front of the abdomen. Sometimes, an incision will also be created around the belly button. To finish the procedure, medical stitches are used to seal up these incisions.

Find out about recovery, preparation, and more from board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Moises Salama. Dr. Salama’s experience with abdominoplasty surgery and numerous other aesthetic procedures makes him the perfect doctor for your operation. To get started, contact our office.

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