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Breast Lift – Perky Breasts Miami Cosmetic Procedures

June 6, 2014

Drooping breasts can cause women to experience body-image issues, becoming depressed and self-conscious. For an effective long-term solution to drooping, we offer a surgical solution called the breast lift.

When a breast lift is performed, the excess skin tissue that results in breast sagging is trimmed away. This leaves the patient with firmer, tighter breasts. There are numerous methods for removing this breast skin, and the best way to learn more is by asking during a consultation.

Perky breasts are just a call or email away, so get in contact with our office today! You’ll be able to arrange a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Moises Salama, a highly skilled medical professional. Dr. Salama will be happy to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

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