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Augmentation Mastopexy Recovery – Post-Operative Care Miami

October 10, 2014

Augmentation mastopexy recovery is one of the most important parts of your combination breast augmentation/breast lift procedure. If you treat it as such, you’ll be setting yourself up for fantastic results.

Typically, patients can come back to their jobs within a week of the breast augmentation/breast lift procedure. They can also begin to perform their usual daily tasks again at this time. If the progress of your augmentation mastopexy recovery is not satisfactory within a week, more time may be required before you can return to work and your daily schedule.

Learn more about augmentation mastopexy recovery – take a trip to Elite Plastic Surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Moises Salama and his committed staff will educate you regarding the procedure and the healing period associated with it. Make an appointment by contacting our office.

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