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Breast Lift Recovery – Post-Operative Care Miami

October 3, 2014

Women looking for a way to reverse the effects of gravity’s pull on the breasts may be interested in a breast lift. The breast lift offers a method of helping breasts go from saggy to perky and youthful. If this sounds like the right procedure for you, it’s helpful to also look into the breast lift recovery process.

During a breast lift recovery follow-up appointment, your medical sutures will be taken out. They will be ready to be removed within two to three weeks from the date of the breast lift procedure. If your surgeon instead used dissolvable sutures, removal will not be necessary.

As the breast lift recovery process progresses, your breasts will settle into their new and improved shape. To discuss breast lifts with a skilled plastic surgeon, visit experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Moises Salama. Set up an appointment with Dr. Salama – contact our office today.

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