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Prevention and Care for Surgical Scars

April 30, 2021

Prevention and Care for Surgical ScarsThere are so many aspects you have to consider when undergoing plastic surgery such as: selecting the proper surgeon, getting medical clearance from your doctor/s, preparing for surgery, arranging for post op care, scheduling massages, etc. With all these things in mind, it’s easy for some to-do’s to fall through the cracks, especially during post-op care when pain and discomfort can overshadow the need for self-care.

Taking proper care of your surgical incisions is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a patient to ensure optimal results. Anywhere an incision is made on the body, whether it’s from a tummy tuck or a breast lift or even the lipo incisions from a BBL, there is always the possibility of embarrassing marks forming. While a surgeon’s skill impacts the degree of scarring, so many other factors can affect the end result, which is why it’s crucial to treat your incisions with the utmost care.

As every plastic surgeon should, I personally provide my patients with specific care instructions for their incisions. Many scar risk factors can be controlled and with the right guidance from your surgeon on the prevention and healing of scars, you can attain the best results.

Recommendations on the Controllable Aspects of Scarring

While there are scarring factors that can be controlled during the healing of your incisions, it is important to note that unfortunately, there are scar risks factors that can impact your surgical results which are beyond anyone’s control. Including:

In addition, chronic illness, weight, the dimension of your incisions and other factors can play a role in the healing process. The best thing you can do is to take proper care of your incisions following your doctor’s instructions to the letter.

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