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Mastopexy – Miami Incision Options Breast Lift

June 13, 2014

When you’re considering a mastopexy, you’ll be able to learn a lot from a consultation with your plastic surgeon. One of the factors the two of you will be discussing is the type of breast lift incision pattern that will be used with your lift.

Mastopexy incision pattern options include crescent, donut, lollipop, and anchor. These all address different amounts of excess tissue.

The crescent lift addresses the smallest amount of tissue, so it’s perfect for those cases when only a small degree of sag is present. The anchor incision allows the plastic surgeon to remove the largest amount of tissue, making it ideal for large breasts that droop heavily.

Interested in setting up a mastopexy consultation with Dr. Moises Salama, a board-certified plastic surgeon? Contact our office today to arrange an appointment.

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