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Butt Implants

BBL or Butt Implants for thin patients

BBL or Butt Implants for Thin Patients?

In recent years, buttock augmentation has grown immensely in popularity. The Brazilian Butt Lift, commonly known as BBL, has been brought to fame with celebrities like Nikki Minaj, Iggy Azalea […]

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BBL vs Butt Implants

How To Get A Better Butt

Do you want a better butt? Then, check out Dr. Salama’s latest blog post as a Beauty Expert for Haute Living. Dr. Salama talks about five plastic surgery procedures to […]

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Butt Augmentation With Implants

Ever had the problem that no matter what you do exercise-wise, you can’t increase the size of your butt? You’re lean, but that booty continues to look flat. If you […]

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