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benefits of a tummy tuck

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Have you been dieting and exercising without seeing any results in your midsection? Do you have excess tissue and hanging skin in the abdominal area that you can never get […]

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BBL or Butt Implants for thin patients

BBL or Butt Implants for Thin Patients?

In recent years, buttock augmentation has grown immensely in popularity. The Brazilian Butt Lift, commonly known as BBL, has been brought to fame with celebrities like Nikki Minaj, Iggy Azalea […]

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5 benefits of breast reduction

5 Benefits of Breast Reduction

Breast surgery is typically associated with a breast augmentation, but did you know that breast reduction is also a widely popular procedure? This procedure is sought after by women who […]

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breast augmentation options

Breast Implant Options

When it comes to breast augmentation, patients typically have very specific goals in mind. Whether it’s a more natural appearance or fuller, rounder contours or somewhere in between, there are […]

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scar prevention and care

Prevention and Care for Surgical Scars

There are so many aspects you have to consider when undergoing plastic surgery such as: selecting the proper surgeon, getting medical clearance from your doctor/s, preparing for surgery, arranging for […]

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mommy makeover procedure

What is a Mommy Makeover?

What is a mommy makeover? I get this question quite often. After childbirth, many mothers are unhappy with the changes their bodies experience. Moms often suffer from saggy breasts, excess […]

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plastic surgery post surgical care

Taking Care After Plastic Surgery

A patient’s health and safety are top priority when it comes to plastic surgery. After having surgery, the recovery period is a critical stage of the plastic surgery journey. This […]

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